Innovative Ideas for Enhanced Product Quality

Cozzini’s team of meat science experts and design engineers has spent years studying the characteristics of meat suspensions and processing results when suspensions are incorporated into whole-muscle products. As a result, Cozzini has developed an efficient, easy-to-use method of reducing meat, poultry or fish trimmings to micron size and incorporating them into traditional brines to create a suspension. Many other equipment manufacturers’ research teams have tried and failed to develop such a process, but only Cozzini has succeeded!

The unique, proven SuspenTec system is now being used worldwide by processors of roast beef, ham, turkey breast, chicken products, steaks, fish, bacon and other whole-muscle products — in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa and throughout the Pacific Rim.

The patented SuspenTec concept offers such advantages as increased binding capacity, improved brine retention, and less shrinkage. At the same time, there are no visible signs of incorporating the suspensions. The result is a wide range of whole-muscle meat, poultry and fish products that exhibit increased whole-muscle product weights, improved cook/chill/slice yields, and better overall appearance and flavor.

For the processor, the advantages of using SUSPENTEC include more uniform product characteristics, higher product quality and greater profits. And the consumer enjoys products with added food value, more appetizing appearance and better flavor.

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